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Royally Bitten (Blood Alliance Series Book 2) (English Edition) (ASIN: B07KXB4B1G)
Ninja Newt Publishing, LLC
Lexi C. Foss

Blood Alliance (2 Book Series) (ASIN: B07KYS9R9H)
近日発売 予約可
Lexi C. Foss

Blood Moon (The Hooman Saga) (English Edition) (ASIN: B07KF7VMDC)
Midwest Journal Press
C. C. Brower

The Blood Hunter's Dragon (English Edition) (ASIN: B07JJK1Z8W)
Supernatural South Books
C. J. Beaumont

Days of Blood, Days of Fire (ASIN: 3940064459)
¥ 3,406
近日発売 予約可
Spector Books
Bahman Jalali

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (English Edition) (ASIN: B019PIOJZE)
Pottermore Publishing
J.K. Rowling

We Are Blood And Thunder (English Edition) (ASIN: B07KYQJ8KR)
Bloomsbury YA
Kesia Lupo